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Fiberglass Refinishing

Fiberglass Refinishing for the Eugene Oregon Area

Do you have a Fiberglass tub or shower that has a cracks or chips in it? Is it seemingly impossible to clean? At Bathcrest we have a couple of solutions when it comes to fixing fiberglass tub and shower damage. We know looking down at your tub or shower and seeing a crack or hole in it might make you automatically think you need to replace the entire unit at great time and expense. Well we are here to tell you that is not always the case!

Our staff can take a look at a picture you’ve provided of the damaged fiberglass tub or shower, or we can send out one of our highly trained technicians to come by and take a closer look to diagnose the problem. Our Bathcrest technicians are factory certified repair professionals who are both licensed and bonded. We use our over 30 years of experience repairing thousands and thousands of tubs to help your unit look and perform like new again. Sometimes there are more than a handful of repairs on your unit and we might determine the whole shower or tub needs to be repaired and then refinished. Sometimes it may just need to be repaired in a specific area. Please send in a photo or two, the more the better, to our office email which is or call for our office at 541-689-9335 and one of our office staff will provide you a number you where you can text your pictures. We typically recommend including something for scale in your image, like a quarter or dollar bill so we have a reference as to the size of the repair. We also request a picture of the entire unit.

Why choose fiberglass refinishing/repair?
Fiberglass refinishing and repair is a great cost-efficient option versus replacing the entire unit. Replacing your unit would take days if not weeks and often a plumber is not able to install a one-piece unit. Our typical repairs take less than a day and you can use it again the following morning. There are a variety of repairs that can be done on your tub or shower such as the repair of: chips, cracks, scratches, broken floors, spider cracking, staining, burn marks, deep cleaning and DIY patch work. Please do not hesitate to call us. We can fix it like magic!

We strive to understand our customer’s needs and understand that sometimes an entire renovation isn’t in the budget, but when your tub or shower still needs to be fixed, we are the ones you should call. Contact Bathcrest before you make plans to install a new tub or shower. Getting the unit out is the easy part, getting a new one in its place is the tricky part. Sometimes walls need to be taken out and often a certified plumber and a general contractor will be required to finish the job. Sound expensive? Well you’re right! Instead fiberglass repair provides an improvement in performance, appearance and enhances the overall look of your restroom without hurting your wallet, in just a day!

On top of saving money, repairing your bathtub or shower that has a hole or crack in it is also a means to go green! By repairing your existing shower, you are choosing to keep your tub in your home and out of a landfill, minimizing the negative environment effects of dumping something that could have been easily and efficiently repaired. Going with a repair not only are you reaping the benefits but so is the planet!

Bathcrest specializes in repairs chips, scratches, cracks and holes
in porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic

Bath Crest specializes in repairs chips, scratches, cracks, and holes, in porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic.

We are service factory repair reps for many bathtub manufacturers
including Kohler, Maax and Jacuzzi to name a few.

Our Guarantee


As a long-standing family-owned business we do not cut corners and take a great deal of pride in our work. We will stand behind our finished product.


With over 31 years of field experience you are certain to get the best job that will last from a company that will continue to serve our community.


We are proud to offer the most comprehensive 5 year refinishing warranty in the business covering materials craftsmanship and peeling defects.

Call today for a FREE Estimate

or send us a photo from our contact form and we’ll send you a solution!

Call today for a FREE Estimate

or send us a photo and we’ll send you a solution below!

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