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Bath Crest of Mid-Oregon will transform your old worn bathtub, sink, or tile into a sparkling new upgrade to your home. Bring your bathroom back to life with our innovative process that permanently bonds to fiberglass, porcelain, or tile.

Resurface Bath resurfacing in just one day!  A resurfaced bathtub not only looks fantastic, but feels great too. Resurfacing your bathtub or shower gives you the best opportunity to incorporate ease of use, comfort, economy, cleanliness and improve the look feel and value of your home.

Custom Remodeling – Refresh and rejuvenate your bathroom the way you like. While many folks prefer to refinish in white some prefer biscuit or a color matched option. Whatever your preference you can be sure the job will be done right. We fix all chips, staining, rough, damaged or uneven areas, rust and even holes!

Economy – Updating your bathtub or shower is one of the best home improvements for return on your investment. Increasing the value of your home is only one of the highly desirable outcomes at a savings of up to 80% of replacing your existing unit.

Craftsmanship – A beautiful bathtub begins with the right company. As a long standing family owned business we do not cut corners and take a great deal of pride in our work. You can be certain that your home will be treated with great care and respect.

One Day Remodeling – in most cases bathtubs and showers can be resurfaced in one day. Your technician will be on time, efficient, polite and a master in his field.

Warranty – We are proud to offer the most comprehensive 5 year warranty in the business covering materials craftsmanship and peeling defects. Don’t be fooled, some newer companies offer and charge for extended warranties. A warranty from a company that is no longer in business is useless. Our policy is to offer the best products at the best price and stand behind our work. With over 25 years of field experience you are certain to get the best job that will last and last from a company you can be sure will continue to serve our community. Remember It is always a good Idea to check references! Use the company contractors prefer. Check out our Contractor’s Choice page.

Service – Our goal is always to inform you of all your options. Ask as many questions as you like and our representative will be sure to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Bathroom Floor Repairs

We repair broken and cracked floors. If there is a crack on your floors, it is possible that it is leaking. Leaking water can cause extensive damage to your home, so we recommend this repair as soon as possible. We will “foam and gel coat” the floor or in more extreme cases, we can also laminate an additional piece of fiberglass to the floor and finish it with gel coat.

Chips • Cracks • Scratches • Holes • Burns • Rust

Dull Finish • Stains • Broken/Flexing Floors • Leaks

Repair your fiberglass bathtub, shower surround, or sink at a cost far less than replacement. When you factor in the expense of a new unit, the contractor, the plumber, and your time without a functioning bathroom, repairing over replacing may be the solution.  Not sure what your best option is?  Give us a call! We’ve seen it all, and we will guide you through the decision-making process.

  • We make repaired areas look like they never happened!
  • Ready for you to use in as little as 24 hours
  • Local, family owned and operated for over 24 years
  • Professional, trained, polite, and on-time
  • Guaranteed repairs come with a two year warranty

Walk-Thru Tub Conversions

We specialize in installing cut-downs in tubs for customers who require better access in their tub. The “boot” is an economical choice and works very well. It also has an option to convert back into a tub. We can also install a custom “cut down from scratch” allowing us to make the threshold much lower while providing a factory look. Ask about how we mount grab bars in fiberglass tub/showers.

Convert your walk-thru shower to a tub in seconds!

Converting your bathtub to a shower and back to a tub again is easy with Bath Crest’s Walk-Thru insert and Quick Tub door that easily fits over the Walk-Thru insert.  Our Walk-Thru conversion of existing tubs reduces that awkward bathtub barrier – a 14” step – to a safe, easy step of just a few inches. Conversion is completed in less than a day for thousands less than conventional remodeling.  If you are looking to make your bathroom safer for yourself or a loved one you can feel confident with Bath Crest of Mid-Oregon.

Use bathtub conversion to change your bathtub into an easy access shower!

With our tub conversion, we can convert most of your cast iron, porcelain, steel or fiberglass tubs – by cutting down the front sidewall- into an easy access entry shower for the elderly and disabled. We make the cut-out in a way that the opening is approximately 4″ above the floor with a factory look to it.

Ease of Use
With our cut-down tubs, it so easy to get in and out of the tub, making it real easy for older and disabled ones to have a fairly independent life.

Overall Safety
Since its so easy to get in and out of a cut-down bathtub, accidents and injuries are reduced considerably. In fact, our cut-down bathtubs may even save lives.

Save Time and Money
Because we can do all the conversion in one day, you can use your tub after the curing process finishes.  This is often as little as 24 hours!  Because we are only working with your existing bathtub, there is no demolition of walls, and floors. No tile replacement and no need for a plumber means that you save up to 80% the cost of replacing. You also save the landfills by refinishing instead of replacing. bathtub refinishing and bathtub conversions can be done in one day.

Additional benefits of our walk-thru conversions:

  • Provides easier access into bath/shower area
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls
  • Installs in less than a day
  • Costs a fraction of conventional remodeling
  • An ideal solution for personal residences and for assisted and retirement living units.
  • Optional safety equipment like grab bars, hand held shower nozzles, and fold down seats

Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate!

Call Us Today for a Free Estimate!

Eugene: (541)689-9335

Salem: (503)371-0066

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Eugene, OR 97402


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